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ActiveGate Plugin technology endpoint name value in plugin



is there an option how to get the configured technology endpoint name in the plugin code?

Currently, we have a plugin and we would like to use the value for endpoint name (here ep1 on the screenshot) in the plugin.

I've dumped all the arguments passed to plugin init method as well as the query method and it does not seem value of the property is visible to the plugin.

Any ideas if it is even passed to the remoteplugin module and further to the plugin code itself?


Unfortunately endpoint name is stored only on server side.

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Dynatrace Pro


You cannot use the Endpoint name. If you want to pass something from the UI to the plugin, please use properties. What's the use case for passing in the Endpoint name instead of using a property?

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Actually, it is very simple. Of course, I can push that through a configuration property - but it is just a duplicate of the information. I was trying to avoid duplicating information. Since you have to specify a name for the technical endpoint - it just another config property, unfortunately not visible from the plugin.

Is there a reason not to publish the endpoint name to the plugin?


@Julius L.Why do you need it? What is the use case?

I have a simple plugin doing ping and other checks on several groups of hosts.

With current status, I have to define the groups within either within plugin configuration (limited number) or in some configuration file on activegate for the plugin.

I hoped to use the endpoint name for this purpose, so that every defined endpoint in Dynatrace (aka instance of the plugin) would check just one group of hosts. The endpoint name is not available from the plugin code and you have to name the created entities in the plugin code.

In general, the use case is to know the configured endpoint name in the plugin code and use it to name the created entities from plugin code. This is applicable if the monitored entity itself cannot provide you its name. For example, the monitored device will provide you just IP address and you want to create the entity with its real name. You have to use another plugin configuration properties as the endpoint name is not available within the plugin code.