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How to set Redis plugin for host running multiple Redis instances

Hi guys,

Customer using a single host to run lots of Redis processes on it, each of them is using different password. From Prerequisites within an old blog : its seem to be that the plugin will not work here or there is a workaround?

There is also a message shown in the plugin log says something about path not config

and this message also show in technology window

Where can we find an explanation on what is this config file?

Thnkas ins advance




Hi Yos!

First things first - unfortunately no, you can't have multiple Redis running on single host, each with different passwords. That's because we don't store configuration per process, so configuration must be valid for all technology instances on given host.

As for config file - for Redis is able to use configuration file to rename commands (eg. rename-command CONFIG b840fc02d524045429941cc15f59e41cb7be6c52) - if you use this renaming you have to provide path to config file, so Dynatrace can use these new commands for gathering data

Hi Maciej

Thanks for the fast and detailed answer !


Customer says its not acceptable to have same password for all instances, any chance to get support configuration on process level if we will convert this to an RFE?

@Gil G.

I think it won’t be supported because Dynatrace plugins are not storing configuratin on process level so it would be hard to dostinguish configuration for them. At least for now I don’t see an option to do so.


Hi Sebastian

Thanks for your insight

Question is now for PM .... can you please confirm that this request is not doable?


It is doable via environment variables. @Yos N. could pleases ask your customer whether such a solution will work for them? Usually customers create new "monitoring" user with limited privileges.

Hi Jackub

First tanks for your lead.

Can you please elaborate a bit which environment variables need to be set and how they would be used in order to make this monitoring for multi processes Redis working?

Also now we can only see password filed at the UI no user , that I am pertty sure it was shown before.

Thanks in advance


Sorry by doable I have mean that we can implement it, it hasn't been done yet. Option with monitoring user is not available for Redis.