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OneAgent and Jenkins integration pre-requisite queries


Hi, We are doing the Jenkins integration as per this documentation link and the PerfSig.

The application team wants to understand the below points before triggering the jobs:

  1. Does the plugin become the integral part of Jenkins Jobs. Can we get the data for past jobs?
  2. How will dynatrace take the data for them?
  3. Does failure of Dynatrace server connectivity affect the Job while running?
  4. Does Http plugin addition in the job affect performance of the Job?

Can you please help with this?



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hello this plugin is doing only custom events during deployments. This means that Dynatrace will have information which entities where affected by deployment and has some extra data about this.

1. For past jobs there is no options I think to push data to Dynatrace automatically. In the payload you are sending to Dynatrace there is no timestamp. This means that such event is saved with time of execution (job in this case).

2. Dynatrace is receiving information from jenkins via REST API, as you can see in documentation, sample payloads has some variables that are filled with jenkins.

3. This is actually question about how jenkins http plugin works. according to documentation error codes make job fail. So this is important to be sure that connectivity with dynatrace server is stable. Generally if there is no network problem in infrastructure, there should be no problems. Dynatrace API is really stable 🙂

4. The job of deployment should be affected, but if you will think about it as a complex, if there will be problem with connection to Dynatrace server, it is possible that job will wait to timeout before going to next step.


Regards, Sebastian

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