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AppMon GEP Equivalent on Dynatrace?


In the past, I have used the Generic Execution Plugin on AppMon to run scripts after certain incidents occur. I am currently working with a Dynatrace SaaS customer who has several use cases in which SSH into a Linux machine would be extremely valuable. Is there any equivalent to the AppMon GEP in Dynatrace yet? If not, is it on the roadmap?



Can you tell me what event should fire such plugin? Maybe I will have some idea.

For example, restart a service if the CPU reaches a threshold


There is no equivalent to the GPE in Dynatrace.

One solution would be to write a small web services, that does what you need, that you can trigger via the custom web hook integration.

As @Patrick H. said you can create web service which will be triggered with web hook integration. Than you can create alerting profile which will send payloads only for some kind of problems or if for example they are active to long. After trigger from DT you can do anything you need.


Do either of you have a refernece to a similar example? The web hook integration appears to be good for pushing data to other tools, we are looking for a way to actually run scripts to resolve problems as they arise. Is this possible?

Sorry, I don't have an example I could share.

The webhook itself is only for pushing problem data, you are correct there. You would have to write an web services that accepts the web hook and acts on it, e.g. parses the information to check which host is affected by the problem and then connect via SSH and kick off a restart of the process.

You could also have a look at the ansible tower integration, with which you would be able to achive the same withansible playbooks.