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Python plugin troubleshooting



I am building a python plugin to extract some metrics from a REST interface and I have gone as far as testing it with the simulator where it appears to be working. The plugin was built and deployed on a test agent where it everything appears to be installed fine. I have restarted the oneagent but the measures are not appearing anywhere. I am not sure where to begin troubleshooting this - are there supposed to be logs somewhere specially related to the custom plugins - I found logs under /opt/dynatrace/oneagent/log/plugin but there were no references to the custom plugin that I built. Also, is there a way check if a custom plugin is deployed on a particular agent?




Just an update for anyone who may end up in the same situation that I was in - while building the plugin, there were permission issues under /opt/dynatrace/oneagent/plugin_development which prevented the plugin files to be added there and as a result the agent was never aware that it should run that plugin. Following an change to the permissions and running a fresh build, the plugin was added there and things started to work after that.

Thx @Dustin L. for sharing the solution!

Hi Dustin, did the oneagent_build_plugin not prompt you of the access issues?



I never saw it in the output but I likely did not notice it. Someone from the Dynatrace team had suggested that I change the permissions on the folder as they encountered a similar situation in the past as that's what resolved it for me.

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