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Can I create my own Python based extension using extension framework 2.0?

Looking at for example "com.dynatrace.filesystem" extension written by Dynatrace.

It uses python to check certain things which is very flexible off course. Until now we use the plugin system to create custom python extensions. But extensions2.0 has some advantages.

Can't find documentation regarding python based extensions and how to write them ourselves.


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

I can confirm to you that, right now, only Dynatrace employees (mostly the extensions team) can use Python in the EF2.0 framework. I don't think anything has been announced as per availability or dates for customers/partners to use the same framework.

Too bad. consider this an RFI then?

We have it on the roadmap and expect to share our plans in the next 60 days.


@Mike_L I've heard that this is available in 1.284, it is also noted in a youtube video by David Lopes and Andi Grabner. We are on version 1.284.104 but I cannot upload a python extension and get the following. I've only created the base files via the vscode extension. Is this expected behavior?

  "code": 400,
  "message": "Data source not allowed in custom extensions",
  "constraintViolations": []

Thank you @DavidMass. Glad it is a simple fix, I'll wait for 1.286.

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