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Cisco SNMP extension filters not working for me


Hello Extension team,

I have a question about the , which was to be able to filter the network interfaces. I'm telling you this because this is not documented in the extension and there is no example of how it is filtered correctly, with the F5s documentation i was able to find which patterns can be used.


For example, I already managed to filter correctly using this pattern which shows me everything as it should be:



But when I try to place two interfaces it always fails and doesn't show me any information:

$eq(Ethernet1/1, Ethernet1/13 )

$and(Ethernet1/1, Ethernet1/13 )

$eq(Cisco network interface Ethernet1/1 @, Cisco network interface Ethernet1/13 @

$and(Cisco network interface Ethernet1/1 @, Cisco network interface Ethernet1/13 @



I tried with all those patterns and none of them work for me, they all show me blank information because it doesn't match.

Can anyone tell me what the appropriate pattern is to add more than one interface?


Regards Bryan


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Try something like this:

$or($contains(Ethernet1/1), $contains(Ethernet1/13))


The solution you gave works for two interfaces but for example I need to filter at least 10 interfaces. I tried it with that pattern you gave me  but it doesn't filter as it should.

$or($contains(Ethernet1/1), $contains(Ethernet1/2), $contains(Ethernet1/13), $contains(Ethernet1/19), $contains(Ethernet1/21), $contains(Ethernet1/25), $contains(Ethernet1/27), $contains(Ethernet1/29), $contains(Ethernet1/3), $contains(Ethernet1/4))

Do you have any idea what's wrong or maybe it's just that we need to use AND instead of contain?

You need more or's for that. $or($contains(Ethernet1/21), $or($contains(Ethernet1/15), $contains(Ethernet1/13))) for example for three interfaces.


Sorry, but I still haven't understood how these patterns work, since I'm using this pattern to place the 10 interfaces but I can't get it to work.

$or($contains(Ethernet1/1), $or($contains(Ethernet1/2), $or($contains(Ethernet1/13), $or($contains(Ethernet1/19), $or($contains(Ethernet1/21), $or($contains(Ethernet1/25), $or($contains(Ethernet1/27), $or($contains(Ethernet1/29), $or($contains(Ethernet1/3), $contains(Ethernet1/4)))))))))

Please help me

There are some redundancies in there, for example, 21, 25, 27 and 29 will already be covered by 2 seeing as it’s using contains. If you have such numbers you are better off using eq. 


Thanks for the suggestion, the one that worked for me was this form of pattern

$or($eq(Ethernet1/1), $or($eq(Ethernet1/2), $or($eq(Ethernet1/13), $or($eq(Ethernet1/19), $or($eq(Ethernet1/21), $or($eq(Ethernet1/25), $or($eq(Ethernet1/27), $or($eq(Ethernet1/29), $or($eq(Ethernet1/3), $eq(Ethernet1/4))))))))))

One last question, the client has these network devices with more than 170 interfaces per device. Is there any text limit for the interface filter?



Yes, I think it is 1000 or 5000 or something. It can maybe be increased if required. Open a support ticket if you run into the limit. 


Thanks for the help

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