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Clarification for Micrometer and Dynatrace AI Solutions



My organization has recently updated our Micrometer distribution library (many users) for Dynatrace and I could use help understanding how Dynatrace integrates AI solutions with these metrics. 


Is this referring to automated baselining? Alerting?

How can I test this out?

Is this enabled by dynatrace-metadata encrichment? (management.dynatrace.metrics.export.v2.enrich-with-dynatrace-metadata=true) No AI-based alerting if set to false?



For reference: 

". You can ingest Micrometer and Spring Boot metrics and analyze them with Dynatrace Davis® AI end to end in the context of your trace, log, and diagnostics data. With Dynatrace, you get intelligent AI-based observability and automatic root cause analysis for Spring Boot, 15+ pre-instrumented JVM-based frameworks and servers, and custom metrics."...


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Sending metrics via Micrometer enables you to automatically have your application metrics in Dynatrace. Also when metadata enrichment is enabled, your metrics will automatically have the context. 

Application metrics are not automatically baselined or alerted upon unless you configure metric events or you choose to display the baseline in Data Explorer or analyzing them directly. If you are on SaaS with Grail version of Dynatrace,  be sure to check the soon-to-be-available advanced anomaly detection features

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