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Custom Extension 2.0 execute script code

The new extension 2.0 mechanism does not allow to execute code like the 'plugin' system did. I understand that Dynatrace uses certain supported Datasources (SMTP, WMI, SQL, Prometheus) and has more control that way.


I have written a WMI extension now which reads certain information regarding certificate expiration. However, this info is not available in WMI by default. We need to execute a powershell script daily on all hosts to update this info in WMI. There are many automation systems that could do this but it introduces extra complexity and prerequisites. It would be great if the OneAgent extension controller would allow to run some custom script.


Off course, whatever that script does is not the responsibility of Dynatrace and it should not even contain means to communicate with Dynatrace. Just some kind of scheduler and monitoring on the script triggering and result. And off course distribution via the extension 2.0 system.

This would allow us to package everything together and it would just work on any Windows host.


An extra thing to think about when doing custom extensions... The root cert needs to be distributed to all Hosts / AG's that run your custom extension. Is there a way that this could be automated?


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi @Bert_VanderHeyd !

Here is some information regarding your RFE :

It seems something is coming in Q1 23 🙂

Observability Engineer at Phenisys - Dynatrace Professional

Great news

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