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Custom Extension 2.0 sql query extension- Extension Signature is not valid


We are trying to follow this documentation

and upload this extension as a starting point, but we are seeing this error. any pointer is very helpful. Thank you





Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

That error when trying to upload a signed extension to your environment would indicate that the certificate used when signing that built extension doesn't match a CA/root certificate in the credential vault.

This step in the guide in particular.

Since this step involves popups in the lower right that you need to click in it's likely that when generating your certificates this step to upload the certificate to the environment was skipped so I would try and redo that step of generating certificates making sure it gets uploaded successfully (e.g. no permission errors etc...)

You can also check the credential vault manually to see if your expected root certificate generated by the Add On is there.

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

A step by step video just came out:

Dynatrace provides you with a framework that you can use to extend your observability into data acquired from a database using SQL queries against our supported databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, IBM, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SAP Hana, or Snowflake. Watch this hands-on tutorial where Vagiz Duseev ...

Hi All,
I'm trying to build and upload extension, this seems to be all good but getting an error message in VS code workspace as simulation not possible(A "simulator.json" configuration file is missing from this workspace). 
Could you please help me out to overcome this?



The simulate function is still being developed so there is no documentation for it yet. The simulator.json that it's requesting is very similar to the payload you see when creating an extension monitoring configuration through the in product UI.


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