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Difference between OneAgent extension and ActiveGate extension for IBM MQ


Hi Folks,


I got to know from support that both OneAgent and Active Gate IBM MQ extension will return similar metrics but the difference is, OneAgent extension will consume host units and ActiveGate extension will create custom device and consume DDU units.


Can anybody tell me, what exact difference it makes if monitor IBM MQ with OneAgent extension from metrics and licensing perspective.






Hello @AK 

Extensions run within OneAgent and fully integrate the new technology monitoring into Dynatrace smartscape and problem detection.

ActiveGate Extensions (aka Remote Extensions) are executed on ActiveGate and can acquire metrics and topology from remote sources.


One of the main advantages is that it will start consuming host DDUs first. Metrics should be the same in both cases.



Hi @Babar_Qayyum,


Thanks for your inputs.

Which one we should prefer to monitor IBM MQ? OneAgent extension or ActiveGate extension. Any suggestions?




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

If you've got an OS that supports OA extensions (Windows or Linux) and you're allowed by the IBM MQ team to install the extension directly on the box I'd go with that one if I were you. Maintaining the extension on an ActiveGate might be easier than on the IBM MQ server, but that's more an organizational topic.


If you can install in the MQ server directly go and use OneAgent extension. It will be much cheaper from DDU and not maintaining specific Activegate for this purpose alone.


If you dont have access to MQ server, AG extension is the best option. 

The DDU difference is not big unless you only have a few queues seeing as the OneAgent most likely is going to be in infra only mode.

That's good info @Mike_L I thought, we need run it in Full Stack mode.

Infra mode gives 200 free metrics and FS mode gives 1000 free metrics for a machine with 16GB RAM.


The DDU difference is huge. Look at below, I consume 22K DDU's per day. It is reported per minute. By doing it at oneagent you can offset this consumption for 200 metrics /1000 metrics based on the mode..




Just to make it clear:

Infra mode gives 200 free metrics, not DDUs. If you send more than 200 metrics in 1 minute, it'll start consuming DDUs.

Full stack gives more free metrics.