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Dynatrace SaaS and MySQL OneAgent Extension - documentation



can we please add some pages of documentation for the monitoring of MySQL for the OneAgent Extension, which i guess should come under the Out of the Box section of the documentation or under the OneAgent Extension, the MySQL needs a link, there seems to be a few that are missing, it would be good to have them documented.

One of Dynatrace's strengths is it online documentation, as that helps us be self serving. 

My Database team for MariaDB get problem alerts for Slow Queries Rate, but i am not sure how that matric is calculated. I assume it related to the MySQL Slow Query Log where the number of slow queries per second ro per minute is increasing, so the rate of slow queries in increasing? the rate is just the minute count?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hey @ThomasEaton 

Both MySQL extensions (local and remote one) are soon to be replaced by their EF2.0 remote-only equivalent. By then we also plan to add proper documentation.

Is there a specific reason why you're using the local (OA) version of this extension instead of the AG one?

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I took over the Environment from 2 Dynatrace ACE consultants 1.5 Years ago, either they enabled it or it comes with the OneAgent by default and works. - We are rolling our the MSSQL AG extension atm.

I saw the updates for Oracle, MSSQL and mySQL etc for this new extension. Thanks

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