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EasyTravel demo app - controlling the plugins


I have installed EasyTravel Linux installer in an AWS Amazon Linux Ec2 instance and have connected it to my Dynatrace SaaS instance. I have launched the application using the script and is able to access the config UI using my browser. As part of a Poc we would like to enable and disable problem patterns remotely using some external script/api call.

In the blog post there is a reference to using api calls to enable and disable the plugin which does seem to work but the HTTP response code is 202. So there wasnt anyway to know whether the api call actually disabled the plugin or not. If if I give a wrong plugin name the error code is same as its HTTP Accepted status.

Has anyone used these Rest Apis for controlling the plugin and if so can you please provide some insights into how you managed this scenario.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Actually it's not working very well. Some of urls are available in resources/eastTravelConfig.conf file. Check there 🙂 In general for me works fine only one url that ads CPU costly loop during trip search.


Regards, Sebastian

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