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Extensions 2.0 - Is there detailed documentation on the activationSchema.json file and ALL of its possible fields and values?


I can find info on the extension.yaml file, but very little about activationSchema.json...  Given how important this file seems to be, I would think this has to be documented somewhere, right?


The most I found was on the dt-extensions-python-sdk page and it confuses me greatly.  It seems to insinuate that the Create command of the python-sdk will generate the Activation Schema file automatically.  However, I'm looking at the rabbitMQ Python extension's ActivationSchema.json file and I see things defined in it that I have a hard time believing were filled out automatically based on data it has collected from the script.  Not to mention that there is a python method for getting the contents of the activationSchema.json file, so how can the activationSchema.json file be automatically generated based on script contents if the script needs to get data from the file itself?

We need documentation that details the following:
- Are the activationSchema.json file contents completely automated, or are we supposed to be configuring it?

- What do the fields in this file do and what are all of the possible values for each field?

- And, most importantly, why would we use a field?  This is something that is missing from a lot of Dynatrace's documentation (not all, some sections are pretty good).  Meaning that, even when they explain what something is, I still have no clue what it does or why I would use it (for example, fastCheck...  The only place I've seen it explained is in the context of the SNMP extension, but I see it used in Python extensions and I don't know how or why to use it...).


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

There is currently no documentation for this. I'll forward your thread to the product manager.


Yes please!


In the meantime, check out this extension (downloadable from the public hub).  Lots of good examples!

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