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F5 Plugin configuration


If I'm introducing a new custom plugin to the environment and want to limit the metrics pulled to only the Virtual Servers and Pools that I enter in, do I also have to enter in the specific nodes of those pools or will the DT logic recognize that I only want the metrics associated with the pools entered? I don't want to burn metrics on an /all pull


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

If you don’t want any nodes at all, just enter “none” in the nodes field. If you want the nodes that belong to the pools you are polling you will need to enter those nodes in the text box.

There is no link between virtual servers, pools and nodes.


Thanks Mike, appreciate the quick response! Any chance that could be a future enhancement? Would certainly simplify things on our end.

We are looking into easier configuration such as auto discovery with checkboxes to select what you are looking for. I don’t think that we will go down the route of picking splittings based on other splittings as it requires additional calls (overhead).

Great idea!

Hi @Mike_L, when will it be available? Thanks.

We're currently looking into moving the f5 extension to the SNMP implementation of Extension Framework v2.0. This should provide additional functionality down the road.



Is there a limit on the number of virtual servers or pools that can be monitored?

There is a limit of 100 splittings per metric per f5 currently. We're looking to increase this in the future.


Thank you very much for the information