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File monitoring extension Metric event with failed path in the Property Field



I am using filesystem monitoring extension to monitor the mount points availability which works perfectly fine. While generating problems it does not contain the file system path which got failed.

Kindly help on how to add the Property field in the metric events to capture the filesystem path. 

I am aware we can create metric event for individual path based on the entity selector but I wanted to create a metric event more generic and applicable for current and future mount points monitored


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

The path is stored in a dimension called path so you can add it to your problem description for instance by using {dims:path} in your metric event definition

Hi Florent,

I tried using (dims:path} in the description and its not working. 




Sorry, I gave you the wrong dimension name (path was from the EF1.0 version of this extension not the EF2.0).

Use {dims:dt.entity.filesystem:path} instead.

Hi Florent,

Event this parameter is not working



I have tested it locally and it works for me. Please raise a support ticket

Hi Florent,

Thanks i will raise a support case, could you please help to share the screenshot of the metric event config so that I will validate if i have same config

Hi Florent,

When I use Metric selector as Query definition type, i have very limited options to pull the values of the path. If I use Metric Key it works.

Thanks for your support

Which version of the extension are you using? I have re-retested and {dims:path} actually work for me: 




I am using version 0.2.15

In the events query definition if I use "Metric selector" instead of "Metric Key" the dimension are not showing to me in the description


There is no need for a metric selector and it is probably why the dimension isn't showing if it isn't part of your selector. Please try metric key instead which is much easier.

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