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'No keepalive from datasource sqlHana. Restarting' message for SAP HANA Database remote monitoring 2.0 extension


I've just started trying to setup the 2.0 extension 'SAP HANA Database (remote monitoring)'. I am continuing to see the error below logged which is the same type message someone else outlined in the post below, related to Oracle. Is anyone using this extension and able to successfully get metrics into dynatrace?

I did have someone on login to the db and was able to run a query manually and get back results but we never see any data for it in dynatrace. The prereq also states 'A SAP HANA database user with the PUBLIC and MONITORING roles', this has been confirmed.

Error I am seeing:
No keepalive from datasource sqlHana. Restarting

Similar issue but related to Oracle:


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

This could happen if one of the queries timed out (10 seconds by default). Just 4 days ago there was a fix for handling query timeout better and making sure there were no lingering sessions. It was backported to the 1.279 & 1.281 versions of the Active Gate. If you still see this error please raise a support ticket.


I ended up creating a ticket for this, #252901. We are using AG version and that is the latest version showing for us right now. I've since found that I have been able to access the HANA db from the AG and execute a query that is in the extension with no issues. Support had be capture some traces to look further.

Right, then that is the developer ticket I found with the potential fix. I am sure that support will let you know once it is live.

Good luck!



Quick update here for anyone having the same issue. This appears to be fixed in AG version 1.281. It finally made its way to our cluster today. Testing with it I no longer see the error message and see consistent data.

The fix was noted in the OneAgent release notes. Not sure why it is noted there since the extension is an AG extension and the fix required an update to the AG.




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