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Frequency of Data collection in SAP

Frequent Guest

Customer is using SAP ABAP extension, how frequently is the data collected?


Is this information from 2020 still true? 

It says on the bottom about 1 minute intervals from ram. 


The customer is refreshing SAP GUI every second and gets an updated value with milliseconds for dialog response time, is Dynatrace able to provide this real-time monitoring of dialog response time among others from the SAP ABAP extension?


Currently, the timeframe limits 5 min minimum and graphs show 1 minute intervals so all data is a minute behind, is real-time monitoring of SAP not possible?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

We still recommend to poll the data on the minute basis. There is a setting to poll it once every 5 minutes, but that often leads to sampling.


To make sure that the SAP server finished the processing of the snapshot we poll 4-5 minutes into the past. There is no configuration to poll data closer than that to real time.


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