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How are these licensed under Monitoring Technologies?


I have never really got the chance to get to this part yet with Dynatrace and it had me wondering....

What licensing pool do these consume from? I noticed these ones specifically are under the type "OneAgent plugin". Does this mean they are treated like the "Custom plugin" tab and the metrics counted against your "Custom metrics" pool on the licensing detail page or is there no additional consumption because it's not custom? I tried looking in the docs, but I don't see anything very clear on this part of it.

We do not have the OneAgent installed on our database servers, however Dynatrace shows them due to all the services, processes, etc. which are talking to those databases from where the OneAgent has been installed. Each of these below you configure to reach out to the databases.





Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hello Larry,

For these plugins, there's no additional charge for custom metrics. A OneAgent with these plugins enabled will be licensed by the number of host units it is consuming.

Host units are calculated by the amount of RAM a monitored server has. More details can be found following this link:

Custom plugins will consume custom metrics. (Whether a OneAgent plugin, or ActiveGate plugin, that is built using the Plugin SDK or by Dynatrace's extensions team )

Hopefully this helps!




That does help, thank you. I did find the following online document though that states the following for the Oracle Database Insights toggle switch in that list...

What is the license model?
The current Early Adopter Release of Database insights is free, available with every ActiveGate and Dynatrace server version 1.173+. In the future, the price will be based on the number of consumed metrics.

So just to confirm that I am understanding this correctly, when looking at all the toggle switches strictly under "Monitoring technologies" and then the tab "Supported technologies"...

  • If the technology type is "Database insights"
    • That will need additional licensing that falls under custom metrics.
  • If the technology type is "OneAgent plugin"
    • There's no additional consumption because they are available out of the box.

If I have that all straight, I hope Dynatrace can see where this is confusing. How can we know for sure which toggle switches are going to require additional licensing vs the ones that don't?



You are correct. The out of the box OneAgent Plugins do not use custom metrics. However, the DB insights module will consume custom metrics in the future once generally available.

If you are uncertain about licensing and custom metrics ingestion, your best bet is to contact your account executive at Dynatrace.

Also, this may help clear some confusion between out of the box and custom metrics:


Matthew Gardner


Thanks! I got it now. I just don't think it's very clear from the GUI perspective, but I get it. Thanks!!!