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How can I configure a Dynatrace plugin without using the Dynatrace UI?


I make use of the PostgreSQL and MongoDB Dynatrace plugins for process-specific monitoring. While these work just fine by supplying the configuration settings (username, password, database, port etc.) from the Dynatrace UI, how can I automate the process?

Are there Dynatrace HTTP APIs that are available for performing this action?



Not at this moment, unfortunately. We are aware of this issue, though, and will probably get added at some point.

Custom plugins are able to read data, including connection details, from anywhere, so if your scenario would fit a custom plugin, this could be a potential workaround.


@Bartosz B.: Thanks for the reply. This is what I thought as well.

While I am also fine with instrumenting a custom plugin, I still do not see a way to fully automate the setup. The step which blocks me is that the custom plugin archive needs to be uploaded via the oneagent_upload_plugin command line utility but the upload requires a token (with PluginUpload scope) to be generated from the UI.

Can one request for such a token in an automated fashion as well? Further, can a plugin be upgraded from staging to productive as well in this way?

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