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How to configure Jenkins job log in Dynatrace


In Jenkins when we trigger a job build a build_number directory created and under that directory log of that build saved and log file name is "log". How to configure Dynatrace to get Jenkins job log.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

You can have a look at Log Monitoring , but I'd just send the relevant Information as events via the Event API

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Is it possible to create Dashboard using event data?

Not really, but neither will you get the log data on a custom dashboard.

What is your goal, just display the Jenkins log on a Dashboard in Dynatrace?

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I would like to create a Dashboard using jenkins log or event data based on status of job (Success/Failure), job execution time, stages etc.

Okay, for that I'd say the best fit is writing a small extension that collects the data you need from the Jenkins API and creates the metrics you want. You can put those on a dashboard. 

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