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How to create a Remote Plugin for Dynatrace

I want to add additional metrics for an unsupported device using the Dynatrace API

It's more an appliance, so there is no oneagent on there. I could write some code in some runtime to fetch these metrics (remotely) and send this as a json payload to Dynatrace. But that's not really a 'plugin' then.
What I understand of plugins ( is that they are executed by the oneagent and gather metrics of that particular host.

So I wonder if there is something like a remote plugin to gather metrics from something that does not have a oneagent. Using the API's to create a custom device and push metrics. But all nicely controlled as a plugin from with Dynatrace. A bit like the Monitor plugins of AppMon which were executed from a collector. Maybe with Dynatrace it can be executed on a regular basis from within the private security gateway.

I read about the F5-firewall monitor initiative. It's something like that which I need but then for other technology.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi Bert,

Remote Plugins which are running from a security gateway will be coming later this year. We're indeed busy with a few plugins already using an internal EAP, one of which being f5, and another being DataPower.



Hey Mike,

Thanks for the info. We are looking into creating one for Netscaler.

Will these remote plugins also be written in Python? Just a matter of already starting implementing something as a separate process and no need for a lot of rewriting afterwards.



Netscaler is currently on top of our list and will most likely be finished before GA.

Yes, it is in Python.



@Michael L. Do you have an update on the Netscaler plugin and if it is available?

Hi, it is currently in EAP, you can reach out to your account manager for access.



Hello everyone;

I'm trying to install the datapower plugin for Dynatrace

The documentation says that from the version Windows ActiveGate version 1.147+.

I installed the Dynatrace-Security-Gateway-Windows-1.149.165 but I don't see the button: Upload ActiveGate plugin

Soo I have add the parameter: REMOTE_PLUGIN_SHOULD_INSTALL="true"

Remote Plugin Agent service:

I'm also installing the activegate 147.186 and no have this parameter activated.



Apparently whoever shared it with you did not enable the required feature flag. Please reach out to with the url to your environment and where you got the plugin from and we will arrange it.

Kind regards,



Hola Michael,

Thank you very much.

I'm going to request it.


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