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How to restrict JMX Plugin scope in an OpenShift environment


We have a need to implement a JMX plugin to extract JMS and JDBC metrics from WebLogic servers, but have a problem restricting the scope of the plugin to specific WebLogic instances. As noted in the Dynatrace interface, you can enable a plugin “at a single host level”, which works fine when dealing with traditional servers or VMs, but will not work when dealing with OpenShift environments. In our case the “hosts” are actually containers that are being monitored using the “app-only” deployment mode… since these are dynamic we cannot turn on the plugin for specific containers.

Is there any capability that I am overlooking, or does anyone know if Dynatrace plans to introduce any feature that would allow for plugin scope restriction in OpenShift environments? Ideally we would restrict the JMX plugin by a tag on the process groups…

A related question is whether there is a way to alter the “domain” reference in a WebLogic server so that the value is something other than the default “com.bea”? If that was possible then the scope of the plugin could be restricted that way. I would have assumed that this could be easily done through the WebLogic admin interface, but nobody in the delivery team we are working with is able to figure out how to accomplish this.


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Unfortunately, you are correct, there is no easy way to manage this in a containerized environment. At the moment there is only one solution of your use case I can think of. That is dynamically disabling / enabling the JMX plugin using configuration API to match your hosts running the applications. But this also seems not doable, since JMX plugins cannot be managed that way directly one by one. But I guess you can disable extensions for that host.

For the JMX domain question, I don't think renaming the domain is possible at all.

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