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IBM MQ Extension additional metrics

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Is it planned to add more metrics to the extension?

Like Message Size for each queue.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Thats a very good question. If you dont hear back you can always post a RFE asking for that functionality. If it does not exists im sure you can always convert flex points for Dynatrace to build that feature in.


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi Dante, the OneAgent can already capture the message size for IBM MQ queues. You can find it in the PurePaths:

Regarding the extension, we've planned to add the maximum message length for queue manages.

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Thanks, @Alexander H. I check a few messages and don't have that info at purepath level, Could it be since the message type is TextMessage?

We are planning to do Load Testing in some queues to see how much can the MQ handle. Sadly is something that we might want to chart per queue in the future and not depend that OA is installed.

The message length is limited by the queue manager. The default max message length is 4MB. This max message length will be available via extension and also chartable. The OneAgent captures the message length (size) per transaction, without the OneAgent it's not possible to get transactional data. We've planned to make the message size available via request attributes, so that you can also chart and filter it.

It's hard to say why the message size is missing in your case. A deeper analysis would be need here, probably the best approach would be to create a support ticket for that.

Hi Alexander, Can you tel me where in PurePath i can see those informations ?


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