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IBM MQ support through plugin (extension)


Hi, I've setup the official MQ plugin (which uses IBM MQ Client to connect to the MQ server) with the itention to obtain an end to end tracing of an application transaction which also uses IIB (IBM Integration Bus). How does this plugin relate to this:

I'm not sure I understand ths:

"Only Java is supported right now; IBM Integration Broker is being launched separately."

Also I just got the IIB EAP enabled. Will this EAP give me full end to end tracing across IIB and MQ?

This link mentions it tracks also MQ... but I'm not sure if this will work.

As far as I know, the official plugin will only give me some metrics from MQ but no end to end tracing... who sent the message, where is it going, etc...




Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi Giancarlo,

To recap our conversation with Francisco. It is possible to get end-to-end tracing as long as you install the OneAgent and instrument the Java processes on those IIB and MQ servers.

You are right about the remote plugin, currently in EAP mode, it is to get insight on the MQ server and provide statistics on its performance. In some instances, you are not allowed to install a OneAgent on those servers and this is where the Remote Plugin comes into play which runs from the ActiveGate.

Hope this helps.



Thanks Diego, got it clear now!

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