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OneAgent IIS module insights


The OneAgent's host settings have this option:

"IIS module insights (Beta release. Requires OneAgent version 1.115 or higher)"

I simply can't find anything related to this; no documentation, no blog posts, forum messages, anything... Could anyone link me to the relevant docs, if such exist? What does the module do exactly?



Hi Kalle,

Take a look at this. It does not contain a lot of technical detail but shows the insight the feature provides

Hope This Helps


I'm seeing those metrics even with the "IIS module insights" setting disabled, simply based on having deep process monitoring enabled for IIS. Thus, it doesn't really answer my question. So to be more precise; I have some hosts with IIS insights disabled, and some with it enabled. I'm not seeing any difference in the monitored metrics between those hosts. Does anyone know what that setting affects exactly?

Hi Kalle,

Sorry for the confusion. In my experience, when I have the IIS Module insights enabled, I see the response time contribution of the IIS Modules in the response time hotspots for Services from IIS processes on that host. See screenshot 1. When IIS Module insights is disabled, I see it like screenshot 2 with no response time contribution of the IIS Modules. Let me know if this is the same for you.



Thanks! Yep that's it, I can confirm that also from my own monitoring environments. Good to know - I think this should be documented. But I suppose thanks to my thread, googling will lead here for the answer 🙂

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