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Ingest data in to Dynatrace from IBM Storage Insights Rest API's



I am part of IBM Storage Insights team. IBM Storage Insights is a Software As a Service offering running in IBM Cloud. It provides a comprehensive view of storage systems health, capacity and performance monitoring.  We have developed Rest API's through which we expose data for other third party products to consume.

We would like to integrate IBM Storage Insights Rest API's with Dynatrace so that its data can be visualised in the Dynatrace GUI.

The response data is in json format. 

Could you please let us know on how this can be done? Also if there are some sample projects to refer, please mention them.




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


@Mike_Lis probably the best contact regarding an eventual "official" integration.

There are several similar integrations; take a look at

Antonio Sousa

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

There's no current official integration planned. That being said, working with other vendors always makes integration work smooth so I'll reach out over email to see what we can do.


Thanks @AntonioSousa @Mike_L for your reply.

Our requirement is to ingest data from our public Rest API's in to Dynatrace. The authentication mechanism is through API token. The response data is in the json format. 

I have shared the sample json format in the email

So could you please let me know on the next steps on how this can be achieved?

Hi, The way we would handle this requirement from my team would be to create a Python extension for it. You can find the instructions here: and here: 
I'll also reach out over email again to see if you want to do this as anything joint so it can end up on our hub and be reusable by other joint customers.


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