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Integration with Nutanix AHV: Configuration

Hi Everyone,


We are looking for a way to integrate Dynatrace with Nutanix AHV, and I found the URL "Nutanix AHV | Dynatrace Hub" but it does not show how to configure it. Could you please help me?



AskMe Team. 


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

It appears that this might not be an extension but rather a built in monitoring as I see it is a supported technology for out of the box monitoring. 

Maybe someone from Dynatrace can shed some light as to where in the UI you need to set up this integration, or if its indeed an extension that needs to be grabbed and applied. 


That tile is there because we support the install of OneAgents on Nutanix servers. There is no additional configuration needed.


Ahh, thanks for the clarification, I got tripped up since VMware have a configuration page in the UI. 


Can you please provide some information on what Nutanix specific monitoring is done?  Does it understand the virtualization, or is it simply going to monitor CPU, Memory, Disk, etc?  Is there a strong corollary to some other product in terms of monitoring capability :VMware, Oracle KVM, etc?

There is currently no Nutanix specific monitoring. It's all OneAgent based.

There is however some investigations ongoing to expand the Nutanix monitoring with Dynatrace, so keep an eye open for blog posts and the hub in the next months.


Frequent Guest

Oneagent on Nutanix elaborates the Oneagent features. Noted. However could you please confirm if the Nutanix Prism Central Cluster can be monitored with Oneagent Docker container deployment, if it is supported/tested in current version?

Thanks in advance.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Nutanix clusters monitoring is available on the Hub at and can be deployed immediately.

We’re looking forward for feedback

Best regards,
Platform Extensions Services team.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

An updated Nutanix extension has been published:  Release 2.0 supports connection to Prism Central, in addition to earlier supported Prism Element. Try it out!

I just enabled monitoring of our test Prism Central. It seems to do a good job of crawling everything and pulling the metrics. I'm having one issue though; we have a Host monitored with a OneAgent, and it doesn't seem like Dynatrace is linking it with any of the entities, properties or metrics that its pulling from the Nutanix Clusters extension. The documentation made it seem like Dynatrace would correlate the Nutanix Clusters VM to the OneAgent Host, but it doesn't seem to be working.


There should be a SAME_AS relationship created between the nutanix:vm and the OA host based on the IpAddress of the host, and the vm_ip_address of the nutanix:vm. There should also be a SAME_AS relationship created between the nutanix:host entity and the host. This link is created based on the hypervisor_address of the nutanix:host and the IpAddress of the host.

If this link is not created, please raise a support case.


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