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MetricGroup is missing while uploading custom OneAgent Plugin on Dynatrace SaaS

Hi All,

while I am trying to upload custom OneAgent plugin I keep receiving following error:

The metricGroup field is missing. Since version 1.172, the metric group is an obligatory field. It is used for grouping custom metrics into a hierarchical namespace where various sources, for example multiple plugins, can provide data. Moreover, the metric group becomes a primary part of the metric key, which means that once defined, it must remain the same for the continuity of data. The metric group will also help you find metrics on custom charts.


Where exactly should metricGroup be added in plugin structure?

Thank you,




Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper


This reference will help you:

This field should be added in main section on the same level as for example plugin name.

Best Regards,

Sebastian Cichocki