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Monitoring Azure SQL Managed Instance with Dynatrace SQL Server Extension



Our environment has a few Azure SQL Managed Instances which we would like to monitor with Dynatrace. We've already enabled the Azure Monitor integration, but would like to see the breakdown of performance for each database.

I see in the SQL Server Extension page in the Dynatrace hub there is a mention of permissions needed on the Azure side to make the connection work (screenshot attached), so I would assume that it's possible. However, I am unable to get the extension to work with our SQL MI's. Is there any documentation on the Dynatrace side on how to enable this integration, or any tutorials out there that might help us find the right configuration?

Thanks in advance 


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper


For our internal test setup that monitors Azure SQL managed instance we've followed the instructions from Microsoft documentation:

> On SQL Server and SQL Managed Instance, requires VIEW SERVER STATE permission.

> On SQL Database Basic, S0, and S1 service objectives, and for databases in elastic pools, the server admin account, the Azure Active Directory admin account, or membership in the ##MS_ServerStateReader## server role is required. On all other SQL Database service objectives, either the VIEW DATABASE STATE permission on the database, or membership in the ##MS_ServerStateReader## server role is required.

Thank you, this is exactly what I needed. 

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