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Monitoring configuration stuck in pending


Is anyone aware of how we can troubleshoot a little, some hosts that are not collecting JMX metrics. When looking at the extension monitoring configuration I see them stuck in Pending. When looking at the Extensions app in the new UI I see the status of the 3 individual hosts that are associated with the monitoring configurations, showing as 'OTHER'. What does this other represent? Is there something I can look at to determine what is going on here? This is a JMX extension that I have created.






Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

The most common reason is that the processes are not restarted after enabling the JMX 2.0 OneAgent feature (or that the feature still is disabled).

If that's not the problem, you can also make sure that the process really exposes the MBeans in question.

If it's neither of those two we usually need to set additional debug flags or dig into logs, so then you should open a support case.


Thanks Mike. Maybe it is actually do to the minimum agent version? Not sure how to read this, if we need to actually be on minimum version of 1.281 or 1.265. We have been on > 1.265 but < 1.281 so if we need to be on > 1.281 then I bet that is the issue. We are going through patch and reboots next week which during that time we are also upgrading the agent. I check back then.



Within the YAML you can specify the minimum version, that'd also be the required OneAgent version. What did you set in there?


I had 1.271. This did seem to be related to the agent version not being up to par. Per the screenshot above it seems the agent needed to be on 1.281? Not exactly sure but now that we have upgraded the agent (now on 1.285) and rebooted the servers we can see the metrics. Thanks Mike.

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