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OneAgent extension - request for configuration elements


Hello all,

We are using a custom OneAgent extension that displays certain fields for its own configuration.

We have thousands of hosts having this extension used and configured.

(On premise Dynatrace)

I am wondering how to get all those configuration elements by API ? To get a result like field name:field value for each host in a json.

Thx and regards.



Hi @PierreLamonzie 

you can get each host extension data using extension API (example below)
Then You can do a script to iterate on step 5 and trigger step 6 for each result from step5


1 - Generate token with - read config 
2 - go to configuration API and authorize
3 - Find "/extension" and list all avaiable extension:

4 - copy id of you extension for example:
5 - use id as parameter for "extensions/{id}/instances"
  you will get list of custom configured instances:

     "configurationsList": [
      "id": "HOST-4544E85D1B018C76"
    "totalResults": 1
6 - now go to "extensions/{id}/instances/{configurationId}"
  fill id and configurationID:
  in response you will get configuration of plugin in specific host:
  "extensionId": "custom.python.cert_plugin",
  "enabled": true,
  "useGlobal": false,
  "properties": {
    "CertList": "",
    "ExpDays": "366",
    "Split": ";",
    "LogFileLocation": "C:\\ProgramData\\dynatrace\\oneagent\\log\\plugin\\",
    "DebugLevel": "INFO"
  "hostId": "HOST-4544E85D1B018C76"

Hope it helps


Thanks a lot Michal, it works perfectly !

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