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OneAgent generic command plugin extension - running commands at the same time


We have a OneAgent extension that will run a simple command and ouput a numeric value, we have 1 for good and 0 for bad. This is logged within Dynatrace so that we can create charts around this metric plus a custom event.

We have the same command running on 4 different hosts and want to create a custom event to alert us for when the value is below 4. The alert would tell us that there is an issue on one of the hosts. The problem we are facing is that the command does not run at the same time on all hosts so when we chart it out we only get a count of 1 rather than 4.

Is there a way to force this command to run at the same time on all 4 hosts? We can make it happen temporarily but once the agent on a host gets stopped or server rebooted then things will get out of sync. Extension I am referring to is the Generic Command Plugin.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

OneAgent extensions are executed every 60 seconds. But it's not aligned to a specific second within the minute. Also if your command (in fact the query(...) method of the plugin takes longer than 60 seconds, next query will be skipped.

You can use some of the metric selector transformations such as smooth or rate to fight the missing value problem.

Or use native OS scheduling means such as cron to execute the command and push the values using the metric ingestion API

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