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Plugin or extension - clarification needed



I want to create my own plugin or extension to get the perf mon or wmi data from few remote computers. I am reading this below link:


In that they have mentioned:

"When you have your initial extension YAML ready, package it, sign it, and upload it to your Dynatrace environment. For details, see Manage extension lifecyle".


But I don't see any document which will guide us how to package the YAML file. Can someone please help me to understand it.



I have already gone through that, it never tell how to create the extension ZIP package using YAML file .

for me it seems that you have to manually create zip file:

where will contain yaml file (and zip.sig should be created according to sign-extension info):
│ extension.yaml

│ | alert.json

│ dashboard.json

Alanata a.s.

Hi rasitslav


what commands these are , are they cmd, powershell or shell something? I mean from where to run these commands?

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