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Python plugin file path

I'm attempting to create a custom plugin and when I review the logs I see the following in the stacktrace which I'm assuming to be the issue because of the path being with the slashes incorrect. I've searched around and I can't seem to identify where the path is being set for the agent. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

pgi = self.find_single_process_group(pgi_name(\'runmqlsr\'))\n File "C:/Program Files (x86)/dynatrace/oneagent/agent/plugin/engine\\ruxit\\api\\"



Hey Michael,'

From the documentation i see the following info below

See full doc here

Hope This Helps


Hi NJ. Thank you for your reply. I did notice that as well but I can't find where in the python code it is generating this path from. I'm assuming it is with the oneagent_build_plugin but I don't know how to change the path.

I was able to resolve the issue and I am now collecting MQ channel stats with the custom plugin.

Hey Michael,

Can you please share how you were able to resolve the issue in case someone else runs into the same problem?



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