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Redis Remote Plugin


Hello Team,

In this blog post, you provide us the ability to monitor redis (if OneAgent is installed on the redis server). Which is not possible on cloud provider like GCP.

At Perform 2018, you spoked about Remote Plugin to be able to do that for redis but for Cloud Provider ? I don't find anything about it ? Has been already be release ? Should we write by ourself this pluggin or it will be out of the box ?

Is it what have been annonced today ( ? and in that case we need to code our own pluggin ?





Any news about "remote" pluggin to monitor services in cloud provider (redis ? Elastic Search ? ...)

I didn’t hear about anything so far, but it should be quite easy to built by yourself.


Regards, Sebastian

there is currently only one built-in plugin provided by Dynatrace and it's covering elasticsearch in the cloud.


Hi Alex, yes you can write you own ActiveGate plugin for it . You can also wait for GCP support which is incoming in 2020. Cloud elasticsearch plugin is in Beta and you can use it as well.

Thanks Jacob !
Is this monitoring pluggin works for a generic version of Elastic Search ? (We currently use Aiven as provider) or should we use Elastic Cloud (from
Do you have any documentation about this pluggin ? I didn't find anything in the documentation.

I found the pluggin 🙂 It seems Aiven doesn't allow us to connect to /_cluster/state/master_node and therefore we can't use this pluggin.
I have opened a ticket on their side to validate.
Thanks in all case !


Globally, I wish on the future you create more and more plugins for external services so we can have all our metrics inside dynatrace.

On AppMon, we used to be able to publish our pluggin to the community and reuse them. It was nice as well.

Hey, Alexandre M.

Thanks for your feedback. It could be great if you could also share your suggestion for improving a product in the Product Ideas forums: Dynatrace Product Ideas.

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