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Remote IBM MQ monitoring in the new Dynatrace


Hi all,

could some one point to the equivalent of the remote IBM MQ Monitoring which used to be available as part of AppMon using the below plugin in the new Dynatrace.

In the one-agent list of technologies I see that the IBM MQ is mentioned, but for the cases where OneAgent cannot be installed and we need to monitor a remote MQ, how can we monitor using the channel details.

Could some one please point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.



Hello @Canada L.,

IBM MQ monitoring has been planned for a future release already and you may follow below link for further updates from @Michael K.

There are ideas as well on the community for the same that you may vote :


Himanshu Mor

I should mention that there isn't a lot of clarification yet on whether or not this will support remote MQ queue managers without an agent. I think you'd actually need to write your own plugin in order to capture something like that.

Hello @Chase H. , Yes, thanks for bringing this up, and I agree that there is no clarity for Remote MQ.


Himanshu Mor

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