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Retrieving 1 metric from IBM_MQ in ActiveGate


Hello everyone!

I have installed the ActiveGate extension for IBM-MQ and works OK. However, I would like to retrieve only a specific metric from all queues and across all channels.


Is it possible to do it by modifying only the JSON and/or the Python? 



In these files I cannot find the name of the metric: CURDEPTH


Thanks in advanced.


jose A



Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi Jose,


Before you make those changes, please be aware that your version would be customized and any updates would overwrite your changes. Also, because your version is customized, Support would not be able to assist you with any issue you encounter as you modified the code so you would lose free Support as well.


Having said that, it is possible to do it by modifying both the Python and JSON code but it is more involved than just looking for the metrics. We offer our services if you want this work done for you, just reach out to on how to involve our services.


Hope this helps.





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