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SAP Monitoring Capabilities


Hi, Are we able to monitor the Idoc failures, batch job failures,  Failed XML messages, stuck queues.

for SAP? Below are the metrics that we are looking so please confirm me the possibilities. 


Process chains errors and completion, delay, SLAs, stuck queues.
Process chains errors and completion, delay, SLAs.
Peocess chains errors and completion, queues, SLAs, delays, Reconciliation of inconsistent data.
Failed Interfaces, Packages.
Interfaces, channels, ITK jobs.
Successful,Warning and failed IC jobs.
successful,Warning and failed BODS jobs.
HUB related Failed Idocs, Partners:ABBYY, BENELUX, etc.
Failed XML messages, stuck queues.
Failed IDocs.
Failed interfaces and error logs.
PNR, PML, EPCIS messages, jobs status.
Failed jobs, successful jobs.
CPU and memory utilization, Interface failures.
Failed Interfaces.
Failed Idocs.
Failed and stuck payloads.
Stucked entries while replicating, latency. 





Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hi Deepan,

Unfortunately, we won't get that type of visibility into SAP.  You can view the extensions you can install for APAB platform and HANA database to see specific SAP metrics we gather.  You can install the agent in infrastructure only mode on the servers and get the infrastructure metrics as well provided by the OneAgent.  Furthermore, you can install the OneAgent in the Hybris Commerce environment and use JMX extensions and create custom services.

I truly wish some additional capability in this area


A new approach to integrate SAP data with Dynatrace was launched at Perform 2024 leveraging PowerConnect, which can cover your requirements:

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