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SSL Certificate Monitor extension - disable problem creation?

Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide

We want to use this extension to detect certificates but not generate problems.  How can we disable this part of the extension?


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

That's the first request we've heard for that. There is not currently a way to disable the alerts. I'll add this as a feature request and look to add it in a future version.

Part of the problem is that our teams do not always clean up old certificates ... while the one in use is valid and has not expired, many times older ones exist and/or are set but no longer being used.  It would be appreciated if we could have ability to disable problem creation for a host, host group, environment, etc.

That will be possible with monitoring configurations. There is also feature request in the backlog to add the option to disable problems creation for certificates that are, "greater than x days old". 

@ben_davidson wrote:

That will be possible with monitoring configurations. 

So not currently possible? ETA for next release? 

I have same problem, the extension finds lots of certificates that are not used and also expired.  Would be nice to filter which ones that shall alert


In our project we are interested in deactivating the alert for a specific certificate of a server that has others that I am interested in being alerted to.

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