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SSL communication for Postgresql OneAgent extension



Due to security requirements the whole communication with Postgres database server is secured via SSL by using following setup in pg_hba file.

# User defined parameters
hostssl all all scram-sha-256

But Postgresql OneAgent extension does not support SSL and we are unable to set up that extension and make it compatible to our internal security policies.


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

SSL support is not planned in scope of any of the existing (EF1.0-based) extensions, but it is planned to be delivered by the end of the current quarter for the newly developed ones.

For the Postgres extension, you'll need to wait a bit more, though. The transition of the existing extension is not yet planned, so there's no ETA to share yet. In a meantime, we should be able to provide a generic approach to support any database supporting JDBC driver, that will allow users to create their own DB monitoring extensions quite easily until we're ready to jump on it by ourselves.

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