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Varnish Cache - Support for 6+ for service level insights


we have POC on one of our clients. On this environment really important is varnish cache. The problem is that it is in beta and doesn't support versions 6+. Do you know about any plans of supporting newer versions of Varnish Cache? According to documentation for now it is 5.1.3. Maybe somebody know the way to force DT to create service for 6.0? 🙂 I'm basing on this blog post.




Is it possible to get any hint about how dynatrace plugin is performing VanirshCache instrumentation? As Varnish is working as reverse proxy with cache option, I think it is working based on WebServer module that is injecting inside VC. Am I right?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Yes - you're absolutely right. The current varnish support is based on a module that is injected. The approach comes with a lot of pros/cons which is the reason why it has been still not GA'ed.

Now here comes the news: We're going to discontinue this module approach. This will be done smoothly over the next couple of releases. That doesn't mean we are discontinuing varnish support at all, but while we are working on a less invasive approach - we recommend to manually configure varnish for RUM, which is what most of varnish users do anyhow.

So you are suggesting agentless injection of RUM agent?

I've checked community and see 2 possibilities. Fitst is that apache will be instrumented via RUM as follows and somehow this injection will be served as well on varnish side. As I understand this configuration:

should allow proxy rum requests to apaches that are behind Varnish. This is what you had in mind? Or you are talking about Agnetless RUM as I've asked before?