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API detection rules for using in memory profiling use cases


hi all

When we are using the memory allocation from memory profiling we cant see the name of the class with problems so we wanna know if using api detection rules will help getting a deep understanding of problematic java classes.

context: we are monitoring a locally app that has different modules running under the same url - example:

this is the unique url we can see and aside this, we cant see xhr actions or have a deep understanding of the problems of the app. aside that, session replay doesnt shows images cause app is build up on Iframes...

when troubleshooting for example memory saturation all we can see is host, process and objects surviving in memory with memory allocation.

hope you can help us 


Hi @MariettaAlmeida ,

Do you know the name of the modules and in which technology is the application built?

Maybe creating an API detection rule selecting as conditions the technology and a pattern that contains the name of the module, application ... it helps you to discover the methods and the classes.



Hi @erh_inetum 

we do have the classes' names and they are java technology. the process running on the monitored host is jetty.


Hi Marietta,

I think creating an API detection rule  it can give you a clue to discover issues looking at the call herarchy.

On the other hand, to try to see events of a single web application, have you tried to define custom properties?
Look a at Andy Tommo comments on this post


Hope it helps.

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