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About the supported version of TAS (Tanzu Application Service).


Dear Sir/Madam


This is Seongmin Park, one of Dynatrace Technical Engineers in South Korea.


One of our Dynatrace customers has been using using TAS (Tanzu Application Service) and Dynatrace

has been supporting Tanzu with the latest version of TAS 2.11.2. as we've confirmed.


But actually, TAS has been updated upto 2.11.14 recently.


It's been over 8 months since Dynatrace had that last update of 2.11.2 in June 22nd 2021.  Our customer cannot update TAS with

other version due to Log4j issue and they have to update their Tanzu to the latest version ASAP.  They kept asking for us about the status for Tanzu update for Dynatrace.


Unlike the updates for K8s, we have to give them detailed explanation why Dynatrace are not updating for Tanzu.

Or is Dynatrace keeping updating for Tanzu without any specific documentaion or notification at this point?


Please we need to have all the information about Tanzu update for Dynatrace and detailed status for them ASAP.



Thanks for your support and help.






DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

This is the document that has all the supported technologies: Id assume this is urgent due to the logj4 vulnerability, I recommend opening a support ticket to have this properly addressed in a timely fashion. 


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