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ActiveGate interval

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Is there a way to change the frequency with which Activeagate scrapes for metrics? Currently this happens every 60 seconds, which makes no sense if we are monitoring certificates for example. Here once a day would be often enough.

The metric values for certificates are downloaded from an external provider via the API and exposed locally as Prometheus metrics.





DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


It really depends. If you use existing extensions, most of them are hardwired to execute every 60 seconds. Some have configurations. If you build them, then you are in control, and can inject them with whatever frequency you want.

Antonio Sousa


As I mentioned earlier, we use Activegate (on k8s), which can scrape all annotated services for metrics. So I assume I can't set the interval in this case? And if I understand you correctly, are you suggesting to change the model from pull to push? Then I can decide for myself how often I want to push the metrics to Activegate. Correct?


I misjudged your post. When I saw certificates, I thought you were talking about some of the ways of monitoring SSL cert expiration dates from the perspective of an AG extension.

Reading it better, it's a totally different question. Prometheus metrics are collected every minute, so not sure if you can go around. I'll have to check.

Antonio Sousa

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