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Agent for Desktop Monitoring?


I just setup the trial of Dynatrace and am trying to get some end to end metrics for my application.

My application starts with a .NET WPF application that runs on in-house computers (which then calls my services, that call my database). From what I understand Dynatrace can give metrics for my desktop app, but I am not sure how to set that up.

I see some docs about "AppMon Client", but I am not sure if they are still relevant. Should I install that, or just install OneAgent?

How does desktop monitoring get done in Dynatrace?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Dynatrace is not tool for desktop monitoring. If you install OneAgent on your desktop and even you will start to see purepaths somehow, each of such installation will consume licenses. Each 16gb of ram is one license. Real user monitoring is mostly for mobile and web applications.


Regards, Sebastian

Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast


this sounds like a use case for OpenKit .NET, which can be found here (sources and examples are here:

OpenKit .NET offers a simple API that can be used to instrument custom applications, like rich client applications. If the application calls your service via HTTP, then tagging the request is also possible. This means OpenKit .NET reports the outgoing web request and if your backend service is instrumented by a Dynatrace OneAgent, then the calls get correlated.

If your service is a WCF service, hosted in IIS (not standalone WCF), then calls can also be correlated.


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