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Anyone using Dynatrace with MuleSoft ESB 4.2.2 ?

Installed OneAgent on the box, but the JVM is not showing up as a process to be monitored.

Is anyone else running 4.2.2 and making it work?





I am. Mulesoft provided a sort of hack to get this working which includes using a mule-4-agent.jar file, that they provided, and modify the wrapper.conf file. It provides some decent functionality and monitoring capabilities. Mulesoft really needs to provide official support for this in their oneagent.


Could you share any additional details on the mulesoft "hack"? Having similar issues being able to better identify an api call routing through Mule.


There is no longer a need for any custom code or hack. Dynatrace provides support for Mule via the one Agent now.

Is there a particular version of Mule that is required for full visibility? The biggest problem I'm trying to solve is being able to see the api requests through mules apikit router. We see them in the logs, but not able to better define them out and trace them in DT.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

I'd be curious to know too.

It's a common problem with most enterprise services buses, and API gateways - that this middle tier will receive a HTTP call and start a new HTTP outgoing call to another tier. This makes it impossible to see end-to-end because the HTTP call is completely new. It'd be good if Mule could add something like W3C trace-context headers with the OpenTelemetry API. Then it'd make this easier.

Andrew M.

Any document how dynatrace provide support for mule using one agent . And what all parameter can be monitor 

Any document how we can setup oneagent on mule server ? it is like windows /linux agent installation

I have a client with mule 4.3. Just installed oneagent and it was running...

Antonio Sousa

Ok, it was running, are there any purepaths and method level information?

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