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Apache/php Auto log enrichment Issue


Hello Community Members!

Our apache/php micro-services are not producing auto-enriched logs with distributed traces. Both the technologies are supported to produce auto-enriched logs according to the Dynatrace Docs here: Connecting log data to traces | Dynatrace Docs The logs are not accessible on the Hosts as well as the Distributed traces section within the Dynatrace console. Please refer to the images below. The necessary OneAgent features are enabled within the environment. The logs are forwarded using the Dynatrace cloud log forwarder. 

The micro-services are hosted on AWS ECS using fargate launch type with OneAgent sidecar container spinning up at the launch injecting libraries within the service. The logs are directed to stdout/stderr to the cloudwatch and then forwarded to the Dynatrace! Further details can be shared as appropriate.

Any suggestions?



Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 17.35.29.pngScreenshot 2023-08-24 at 17.38.46.png



My suggestion is enable the log enrichment for these tehcnologies in the Oneagent Features or Set an Custom log source configuration

Enable the log enrichment for these tehcnologies

Settings->Preferences->OneAgent features and enable the Trace Span for these technologies


Documentation Link



Custom Log Source

Settings->Log Monitoring->Custom Log source configuration

Documentation Link

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