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Are hogging or stuck thread metrics available in Dynatrace Managed?


I'm trying to determine whether Dynatrace Managed provides metrics equivalent to Hogging Threads and Stuck Threads for WebLogic. Somebody asked this question previously but no answer was provided. I.e.,

Our monitoring users feel that having visibility to these two metrics will be very important. I do not see any metrics with these names, but I am hoping that something equivalent is provided without having to use a JMX plugin.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hello, in default there is no such metrics, most you have is related to JVM, not WebLogic itself. You will need to use JMX plugin. Why is it issue for you?


Regards, Sebastian

Using a JMX plugin results in the creation of custom metrics, which have licensing limitations. It would be far better if important metrics like these were made available out-of-box without the need to configure and manage plugins.

The MBean domain reference is com.bea and so the metric is part of the weblogic server runtime.... hence my reference to WebLogic.

From this point I agree. I suggest posting an RFE on forum to prepare such integration internally. In this way you will not consume custom metrics. But you always have some bunch of metrics free with your license. For each WebLogic instance you will consume 2. Depends of amount of instances it may be not so bad. But I agree that it should be covered like in many other technologies which are supported this way.


Regards, Sebastian

We would actually also need this functionality covered without the need to use the JMX plugin and this should be covered as an out-of-the box metric in Dynatrace. It would be ideal if we could get this metric out on other java processes also and it wouldn't be tied to weblogic only.

I found the idea posted by Jeff so therefore I hope that every one who would need these metrics would vote for his idea.

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