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Are there any adverse affects (on performance, licensing etc) of adding a big number of unique tags in Dynatrace?


I would like to know whether there are any adverse effects of adding more tags in Dynatrace or not. More means 500's of tags??? so only asking...500 unique tags not just tagged entities? looking for any level of impact (including performance, licensing, or limitations on the tool)

Naveen Morisetti


@dnpmoris, as far as I know, and in practice:


  • There is a performance alert when we apply more than 15-20 Unique Tags per entity. 
  • There is not a licensing related to tags.
  • Related to the documentation there its not a Limit on the Tags you can configure per tenant. there is a limitation of 150 configuration rules per autotag.

Let's say you set up 500 autotags and they all happen to apply to one entity. the only performance impact would be to render all the tags in the DOM of the tenant. but not in the entity itself.

fuelled by coffee and curiosity.

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